Award winning bespoke home remodelling, by our family craftsmen

Our Portfolio: St Margaret’s, TW1

When we bought our house it needed a lot of work and a large dose of vision and creativity. Raki and his team were able to pool our ideas with their experience to maximise every single element of our new home. Raki fully understood our vision and we made decisions collectively throughout the process. Where we, through complete inexperience, saw obstacles, Raki and his team saw opportunities. This means that we now have a larger kitchen than we imagined possible, finished with a beautiful wooden floor; it’s the heart of our home which is what we always hoped it would be.
The service felt far more bespoke than other companies we approached. Importantly we spent a lot of time upfront, before formally engaging RMR, establishing what we wanted to achieve, how that would be delivered, and how much it would cost. This gave us real confidence that we were dealing with a very professional and dedicated team – we have heard of horror stories with other companies where deadlines and budgets have been blown out of the water. The final finish is of a very high quality and many of our friends have commented on this. We love the detail and craftsmanship of all the carpentry which give our home a softness and warmth that doesn’t often exist when a property has been refurbished top to toe.
Of course there were some unforseen challenges along the way, but Raki always worked with us collaboratively whenever plans needed to change. We were able to have open and honest conversations, and it meant that the work was never held up because we always reached decisions quickly together.
As good as our relationship with Raki is, it’s also important to mention the rest of the team. The team onsite could not have been more helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them. They kept the site tidy, went about their work enthusiastically and always gave us a hand with things that were beyond their job description – helping us move furniture in, hanging mirrors, shifting the turf for our lawn to name but a few. People often say the real test is whether you’d recommend your contractors to others.
The answer is an overwhelming yes.