Award winning bespoke home remodelling, by our family craftsmen

Our Portfolio: St Margaret’s, TW1

Mr John Denby

Having lived happily with our above mentioned top floor extension for a little over a year we did indeed decide to employ RMR to completely redesign and build our new ground floor kitchen extension, with adjoining powder room, storage cupboards and first floor bathroom. This ambitious project enabled us to see RMR at their very best. From the outset Raki helped us through the complexities of design, layout, choice of fixtures, fittings and cabinetry as well as dealing with all the onerous challenges in dealing with regulations, payment schedules, permissions, planning and the like.

The fourteen week project ran strictly to time and although we vacated the premises during the most disruptive part of the work (the installation of underfloor heating throughout the ground floor would have made civilised access for us rather difficult) for the rest of the time we lived quite cheerfully in our upstairs rooms behind some very effective dust proofing installed by RMR.

Despite leaving our home to the mercy of the RMR building team during our absence never once were we concerned about the safety or care of our property, indeed the team always work to a very high standard of cleanliness and everything at risk in the house was carefully protected and lovingly reinstated if moved.

The standard of the work is quite exceptional. We are so happy with the quality and look of the finished rooms, adjoining corridors and elegant doorways. The ingenuity with which the carpentry team design and construct the bespoke cabinetry continues to amaze us in that we are still surprised at finding discretely located drawers and cupboards which have been cleverly built to utilise every square inch of available space.

Finally, the reliability and attention to detail in their customer aftercare is remarkably impressive. RMR do not just snag any minor defects just the one time but they actually, continually spot imperfections that you might have missed and then improve and enhance the finish in the process of snagging. And then they will come back a few months later, or sooner if you need them, in order to check what might have gone wrong in the interim in order to put it all right at no extra charge.

The truth is that we now feel that we have become a part of the RMR family and would not consider going elsewhere for any future building projects we may have. RMR come thoroughly and sincerely recommended. Thank you again Raki and all your amazing team.