Award winning bespoke home remodelling, by our family craftsmen

Visit our showroom

If you want to find some inspirational ideas for your new home then make sure you come along to the stunning RMR showroom located in the heart of beautiful Crowthorne in Berkshire.

You’ll find it’s the perfect place to stimulate your imagination and explore all sorts of possibilities.

Our showroom’s been run by my family for three generations now. Anybody making an appointment can expect the warmest of welcomes.

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Meet your designer

When you visit you can spend some one-to-one time with your designer. You’ll be able to get a feel for their work and chat through different ideas for your new home, conversion or extension.

And don’t forget, anything is possible with an RMR Homes build - we can guarantee a perfect fit and finish for any room.

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Discover exceptional quality craftsmanship

Everything you see at our showroom (or in my family-home showroom in Windsor) is handmade in our workshop. Straight away you’ll notice the outstanding quality of every single item – each one built by our craftsman.

Our whole range - from our bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, larders, laundry rooms, bedrooms, studies, children’s rooms through to our freestanding furniture comes with a ten-year warranty. And let me tell you – nothing gets installed unless it passes a final quality check by me.

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Start your journey today

Get in touch to book your private appointment and let us show you what we can do for you and your home.

Give me a ring on 01344 776914. I can’t wait to meet you.