Award winning bespoke home remodelling, by our family craftsmen


Your journey starts here

Whether you are looking for a simple conversion or want to remodel your entire house, your journey begins with a visit to our inspirational showroom in Crowthorne. Take my word for it, this is the perfect place to explore and gather ideas for your home update and start to bring them to life. Here, you can meet your designer, look through (and hopefully be inspired) by our many previous projects, and see for yourself the incredibly high quality craftsmanship which you can expect to receive from your RMR Homes build.


Creating architectural plans

The next step towards making your new home a reality is the creation of an initial set of architectural plans. Once our first drafts are ready, you will be invited to look through them and get a clear idea of how your space will look…from every angle.

By the way, we never forget that your decision to change your home is a major one. That’s why we will make absolutely sure that you are delighted with the plans as they develop from the word go.

You will be able to stay safe in the knowledge that your project is moving in the right direction at all times and that it’s matching up with all your aesthetic and practical requirements.


Let’s go on a virtual walk-through

So you can see how your completed space will look in 3D we will produce CAD drawings.

These designs tend to add a bit of excitement to the project as they allow you to almost ‘walk through’ your new home or room. My clients tell me they really enjoy this bit.

This is also the stage where you can decide on the final look, design, aesthetic detailing and layout of the space before the actual build begins.

For more CAD design and after pictures please click here


Build and complete

As soon as you’ve signed off our architectural plans and 3D CAD designs, RMR Homes will be ready to create your brand new space.

Our expert team of builders, who’ll be overseen by one of our highly experienced in-house project managers, will start doing what they do best - build.

And of course, I’ll be available to meet with you at least once a week throughout the project too. I’ll use my designer’s eye to make sure that nothing is out of place and everything is exactly as I’d have it in my own home.

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